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Diktens namn: A message
Frfattare: Sebastian Sundstrm

We walk on this earth alone, either punishment or for our sins we atone.. determined, fooled we pushing on, tiered to the very bone.. we keep moving with a future unknown, we look for the one that will guide us so the truth will be shown, are we... really.. alone?

For those that find the special one, so the reflection of their existence can be done, by the the bond they create as they say it's according to fate, but it's to late.. to late..when they already have swallowed the bait!! they fooled themselves, ruined by faith.. they won't find what they look for and now it's indeed to late..adorable feelings once, now they turn to hate!

All over the world people are getting lost, loosing love and hope at an emotionally cost, they don't know the way in this maze..the challenge seems to big to face, fooling themselves they are looking for someone else, which isn't the case...but an endless struggle for an illusionary chase.

Truth to be told, watch and behold when i take away the illusion we chase and let it unfold...nothing more nor less than what is true.. the one you are looking for is..you..

so are we in the end alone? both yes and no, the answer is shared in the water and stone, in the sky and everything beneath the sun.. we all are actually one.

Kommentarer p dikten

October 7, 2009 10:08 PM
Really good poem! It's all true!


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