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Diktens namn: To a friend
Författare: Sebastian Sundström

You are a person not like any other, you are unique, a rarity of your own and an important matter.
friendship is something that is building up, you have to work hard and not giving up.
even thus your friend only wants to give you his aid, it can be hard to let someone into your life but don't be afraid, the only thing he wants is to give you his aid, and in the end you shall see that the price for friendship is already paid.

don't misunderstand, friendship isn’t free, it exceeds any amount of fee, but for you it is free because friendship between you were meant to be. You give of yourself, always with a smile, it gives him the strength to cheer and help you mile after mile, he will stand by your side as an guardian light. glowing bright in the night, so you can borrow his strength to carry on in every fight. And it is you who give him his might, so he in turn can keep glowing bright and guide you through the night.

Now if you wonder, where could I find that friend, maybe he is somewhere far away yonder... Look inside yourself and how you feel, if you can find that connection of friendship harder than steel. because that person can be anybody and only you can make him real. search through yourself and how you feel... make that person real, let him free and break the seal and when you know, just speak his name to let him free... I really hope you will say that him is me...that is the person I want to be...

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