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Diktens namn: Journey of Discover
Frfattare: Erik Tyni

Laying in bed, with you on top of me,
playing some kind of love game,
the lights turned off, you're getting
wilder and wilder, your tongue touches mine,
your naked  body just inches from mine,
my hand moving slowly down your body

Looking into your eyes, seeing the attraction
feeling the intensity, our hands on a shared
journey of discovery throughout our bodies,
the taste of strawberry lips, the smell of honey
the feeling of togetherness, it makes the whole night alive

The breath is getting heavier, the world
is getting smaller, two loving souls that start to
transform into one, the game gets wilder,
my tongue exploring your body,your head on the pillow,
your sight on my eyes and the night goes on

Love, is a hard word to define, it can mean so much
making it with you is something I can manage,
The wilderness in your eyes are glowing, our journey
of discovery is growing more and more, until we reach ecstasy

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