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Diktens namn: The painful end
Frfattare: The thinker

Why do you bother now?

Is it for mine or for your sake?

I wish I could tell you not to bother to call,

that it does not matter at all.

That I want you to leave me alone,

but if I will,

I will feel even lonelier.

It is always two sides of the coin,

I just wished you had grown,

so I not have to be on my own,

in my thoughts, in my mind,

but in the same time,

I know I will always be.

The toughts will always haunt me,

the things you said will never be released from my heart,

they are just buried down,

and everything feels so dark.

You say you do not dare to say anything more,

with the risk of hurting me more,

but I am already sore,

to the core.

I wish I could be angry and mad,

not only broken and sad.

I wish I could scream,

without the tear stream.

I wish I could say,

I never want to see you again.

But then I would lie,

and I can not,

beacause i am not the lier,

I am only the crier.

You are the one who can not keep any promises,

who can not even keep the will.

The will to keep the love alive.

Instead, you chose the easy way,

for your own sake.

So you felt better,

and then you began to finish with a single letter.

That was all,

a single call,

from thousand miles away,

to end us,

and I still can not see why.

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