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Diktens namn: ~I Love You so Badly~
Frfattare: Fredde Afzedlros

I'm really tired but i cannot sleep, i can't get you, Nerisa out of my dreams. I miss you so badly i don't know what, i'm turning and turning around and around and trying to sleep but i seriously can't get you out of my mind. I Love you so badly that my body ache. I miss you so badly that a tear came and said hey. I'm trying to sleep but the hours pass, but still i'm awake with you on my mind. I know we are as opposite like two partners can be, but that don't change the fact that you are the girl for me. We may have our disputes, we may argue sometimes, and from the outside it might probably look like the bound that we have, is just in pieces and soon down for the last countdown. After everything our love gone through our love is still intact. No love is perfect, neither is ours. Our love have cracks and plenty of shards, it may be sad but unfortunately its just a fact. We may be different and we use to argue. But i still love you more then these three word can say. I know that you are the girl i want, i know you are the girl for me. I feel it so strong so are disputes are nothing. They might make us sad, they might bring us down. But the bound between us will never get teared down. I'm more than sure your the one for me, so i'm asking your carefully to marry me. I Love you so badly i don't know what to do. Soon i go crazy, insane without you.

I Love You Nerisa <3 //Fredde Afzedlros

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