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Diktens namn: You that dose not love me...
Frfattare: Jess

You that dose not love me...

You that dose not love me has gone back to sleep. Out here the leafs has changes from a happy green to a beautiful grey.
You that dose not love me can read me like an Las Vegas Billboard.
I can't look into your eyes, cuz you really see me. The actor and shell that only smiles on the outside.
The smilyling shell just makes everyone think that everything is okay, but you can tell that that s not the case.
Desived, used and worthless were the things that you made me feel...still I can not hate you.
PLEASE make me hate you!
Stop beeing mr Nice, cuz it's keeping me from seching for mr Right.
I hate that you can read me,
I hate that you can controll me,
Hate that I still care,
Hate you damn ciggarets,
Hate that I can´t let you go!
PLEASE let me hate you!
Make me stop caring!
Make me want to envoide you insed of longing for you arms.
Make thees feeling go away and stay out of my dreams.
Stop telling me how wonderful I am...you thoght you loved me, but you never did...

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