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Diktens namn: i will be there for you
Frfattare: Baah Akwasi

I will be there for you my friend,

When the storm is blowing hard,

When it is hard for you to cross the river,

I will hold your hands and pull you up when you are tired,

When the road is wetly and slippery,

When the mountain is too high for you to climb,

I will hold your hands and by your side i shall stand,

I will protect you as the sepals protect the flower,

I will keep you warm as the ovary keeps the ovule warm.

I will be your words when you become speechless,

I will be a new dream for you when you become dreamless,

I will be your world when you become a vagrant,

I will be your home when you become homeless,

I know it is hard to trust mankind,

But i will tell you to lean on me

When your burdens are weighing you

And you don't know what to do,

I will be there just for you

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