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Diktens namn: A never ending story
Frfattare: Andreas Vandija

A never ending story Andreas Vandija

An empty land of fallen angels,
there sky is bloodred and the land is black.
Frozen wather with feaces
I fellt the earth underneath my feets.
Were this the plase we use to know and love eachother?
Somewere there the land is green and the mountain high.
There the eagels flyes and the human walks.
Just stay here another moment with me beacuse the world is falling apart as am doing right now.
The only thing we know is that the land that use to be is the earth underneat our feets.
Fallen angels of trueth.
The fallen angel of love.
I need somewere to begin. In another life maybe. we could the begining of something new.
The sky is looking more like blood now and the end is close.
Dreams about a river that is up in the high mountins are dry and so are the oacen.
With the only thing we could save this world is to give it love and not destroy it with anger and hate.
Somewere only we know that heros looking at us like we deserve something called love.
Angels of true, hope and love would guide us through this dark and empty earth.
With a heart of love and a soul of trueth would guide us.
A spirit of hope.
This is a never enging stroy.
We still staning and everyone got love and fatih on ther side.
Take me away from the drak spaces in my life.
Dont leave me hanging.

Andreas Vandija 04/15-08

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