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Diktens namn: Death fairytale
Frfattare: mandeln

Death fairytale

once upon a time
there was a girl
a doll girl
she had curly blond hair
and big blue eyes
her innocent was indisputable
she lived her life
looked in a castle
waiting for a prince
to rescue her

one day he came
handsome as an angel
and took her out
from her prison
and seald their love
with an kiss

he brought her to his castle
and there they made a child
but the girl
knowing nothing of the world
lived in despise
she hated her prince
who forced her to do despicable things
at night
she hated the child
which made her look big and fat
all the time

And so the baby was born
and the girl hated it even more
it wouldnt let her sleep
and always screamed
til her ears was sore
and her dream world was crashed

the girl doll then decided
she would have no more screaming
and no more abuse
she took a pillow
over the babies head
it screamed no more

she took her ribbon
around her husbands neck
he abused her no more
she returned to the castle
from which the prince had rescued her
and lived happily ever after

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